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Hello Everyone,

I know it’s been awhile. But, you won’t believe what has been happening behind the scenes. As you can see, Philippe “Shock” Mathews has designed my new book cover. Who is Philippe? Good question! Philippe is the Oprah of the internet and has his own talkshow who has secured over 1 million readers, listeners and viewers collectively worldwide.

Proudly, he will help me to promote my book “The Amorphous Revolution in Amsterdam. I am extremely elated to be able to work with him. It’s the chance of a lifetime. Please stayed tuned and I will keep you updated with any new developments.

Lots of love and light..


My book “Amorphous Revolution in Amsterdam” is now available! I just could’nt wait..Please go to to purchase a copy! I know it will take you on a wild journey!!!

It’s still a work in progress! But I am proud to release what I have so far!

Lot’s of love



On Feb 27th at 2pm, in the Amsterdam public library, my book “Amorphous Revolution in Amsterdam” is officially launched. Details over my book were disclosed and the launch event was a great moment to announce it’s up coming release date on May 6th, 2016. There were more than 50 people in attendance.

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Feel the Amorphous!

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“Measure me not by the heights I have climbed, but by the depths from where I have lifted me up.”

George Washington Carver!

Journey of life began with the divine will when Aria Boon descended down through the birth canal in a mnemonic rhythm that helped her reach a superfluous location. Descend from the heavens to the world of realities and terrible facts. A place where hue men dwell distant from her angelic realm. Nothing could be better than here. She boasted. Jubilantly surrounded by the ancestry of energy which came before her. One space, one sound that is indiscernible to the naked eyes or ears embedded deep within the memory of her DNA.

Wheel of life started running. Life was being gifted with vital signs more active; she could see more and of course, think more. Dark dungeon was full of shine, deep meditation, and happiness for her. Unsure of where she was going, her excitement began to build which she could hardly contain. “There is so much happiness here though”, the peace of this aquatic flow was extremely tranquil. But in the distance, this peace was being gradually interrupted by sounds she had never heard before. Noise embedded into tranquility or tranquility wedded to the noise, she could not decide. She twisted her head in the direction that the sounds were coming from.

images (12)

Trying to follow the footsteps of the sounds, she found herself surrounded by the Voices, buzzing sounds which had a chilly feel to them but seemed to come closer and closer. Because of her curiosity, she positioned her body aerodynamically to speed up the process. She tucked her legs under her chest and then submitted herself to the natural forces that had taken over.

“This is the best slippery ride I’ve ever been on”, she thought. “I hope this never ends”, the soliloquy spoke from within. Her inquisitiveness got the best of her and she slid with a tremendous speed so that she could reach that opening at the end of the tunnel. The journey into wonderland from her dungeon!

At precisely 3.30 am on the 6 of May 1964, she popped her head out of that anticipated opening while leaving the rest of her body behind. She thought this was kind of funny and wanted to take her time and stay in this position for a while. Noises had faces too, she was surprised to know.

Aria was unable to communicate with her surroundings but her thought processes were racing and advanced for a baby. Aria realized innately she was able to decipher her date of birth in astrological terms. She was a Taurus rising, a Taurus sun with a Pisces moon. She thought, “I am a very stable awareness. Ooh, that’s quite esoteric? Wow! That’s huge. How can I know all this? I guess I’ll be a grounded sensitive touchy feeling type of individual while living on this earth”, she thought. She started laughing because it surely did not look that way to the nurses mainly because Aria’s head was the only thing sticking out.


Abruptly, her environment dawned on her. “Whoa, where the hell is this?” She thought. “The contrast is so different. Coming from that dark and calm dungeon, it is so bright and sterile and a bit frigid. It was a noisy domain. She was connected to all the monitors measuring every one of her bodily functions. Aria started to shiver but it didn’t seem to bother her. She was just trying to adjust mentally. In total amazement, she didn’t make any sound. The nurses pinched and plucked at that little body trying to get some sort of physical reaction. Her meditation was hit.

Very slowly Aria opened her cinnamon brown eyes and noticed a lot of people staring at her. It was as if they were in anticipation of something to come. Suddenly, Aria let out an unintelligible baby gibberish, a yell so loud, it almost broke the incubator glass.

Aria said, “What do they want from me? Help me get the rest of my ass and legs out!” It was if the nurses immediately understood her and responded while the doctors worked frantically to retrieve the rest of her body.

Door of the tunnel was closed after her exit and she was hailed. Everyone around her started clapping and singing triumphantly. “It’s a girl. It’s a girl!”
There was so much joy in the room. Aria was a little surprised but seemed to take pleasure in all the attention while making more bustling sounds. She was a happiness, a reward, she came to know.


Without warning, Aria began shooting her first bodily fluids. Piss and poop flew out everywhere like clockwork precision. Notably, the nurses were having a hard time keeping up with the cleanup while maintaining their composure. One nurse bellowed, “For a baby weighing 7lbs3oz, where the hell is all this power coming from?” Aria had already made an impact in such a short lifetime on the people around her. First encounter with the world around!

It has been 2 long days and Aria was left waiting in a room full of babies. Aria knew she was still on God’s time but still, she had not seen or felt her mother’s warmth since making her entrance into this world. “That’s odd”, she thought. She spent 9 months surrounded in her mother’s embryonic love. She had not departed her even for a moment. “Where is she?” Aria mumbled. Then her body began to react physically and mentally to her mother’s absence as if something had died. Intuitively, it was hard for her to grasp because they have never been apart before.
Aria noticed that the nurses’ moods changed. The jubilation seemed to have died. They appeared troubled with a sense of sadness as deep as an abyss.
Unexpectedly a cool breeze encapsulated her body which made her search for her mother even more. Those brown cinnamon eyes explored every nook and cranny in that room. She never ever laid eyes on her mother’s face but intuitively she was compelled to explore her surroundings. Relation of hearts through belly button was powerful enough to recognize her even without seeing her face.

Aria started to cry and did not stop. Muscle spasms, stomach cramps and vomiting ensued. Nurses, one after the other tried to console Aria. They tried to hold her and bring her stuffed animals but nothing helped. Not one single nursing intervention seemed to work. The nurses were exasperated.


Then abruptly, one nurse walked alongside side Aria’s incubator and said without thinking, “We can’t just leave her here?” Her colleague retorted, “Yeah, I know. But there seem to be 2 fathers according to the mother’s report: one is President of a Public Schools System, and the other is a Faculty member at the community College. He is also the city alderman, a TV presenter”. The nurse further explained, “We need one of them to sign the birth certificate. How can this be? What a scandal? We have to keep Aria here for few days and call child services”. The nurses learned that Aria’s mother was alcoholic with abusive tendencies. Aria was not allowed to be alone with her mother because the nurses feared for her safety. For the next few hours, Aria was a foundling, no parents around. No land under her feet. She was no one. She waited in anticipation for the adults to make a decision.

Aria’s amazing cinnamon brown eyes were ravenous for truth. 2 oval antennas consisting of dark melanin like Venus flytraps, could seduce any unsuspecting observer to come closer to her. This hunger for knowledge was the beginning of her heroic journey. She was set to uncover the best kept secrets surrounding her. Aria’s childlike awareness moved her through the secrets and denial of her parents and the black community. These secrets will become surreptitious no more which will set the amorphous revolution on fire.

As Aria matured, she would realize that she was destined to do great things. Using basketball as her platform, she would travel overseas leaving her comfort zone behind.

A call to adventure:

What? An African? Black? American leaving America permanently?
No! No!! No..!!!
It didn’t happen like that. Truthfully it was a very gradual process and a very significant one. It was as the great Joseph Campbell (an American mythologist) summarized it the best by using this phrase: “Follow your bliss!” His description of a Hero’s journey, is hero ventures forth from the world of common day into a region of supernatural wonder: fabulous forces are there encountered and a decisive victory is won: the hero comes back from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow Boons on his fellow men!
Continuously through her life’s journey, she would meet a number of great collaborators along the way who would light the path for truth. Travel not only on feet but on the wings of soul too.


In 2015, while climbing up a flight of stairs in her apartment in Deventer over Ijssel, she encountered Dino W (expressional soccer player from west Papua) who sensitively and spiritually helped her remove the shackles of her past. Later that year, her elder brother joined Dino on the other side of the veil to support her in the search for truth and healing. Healing from the onslaughts of being and hits on the soul.

Together they will step fearlessly into the unknown, aligning themselves with the timing of the Cosmos, pulsating themselves into life. Dino and Troy will not allow her to miss another opportunity for joy and abundance to manifest. Dino has a mystic vision who will mentor Aria in the amorphous revolution. Troy will wrap his wings around her and provide her with safety and shelter.

Despite her inauspicious beginnings, the tragedies in their lives are largely overshadowed by some of the most captivating rises of resilience ever accorded a hue man history. Remarkable souls are not always awarded the recognition they deserve, yet the time has come when we all have to say to ourselves that enough is enough. The Feelings of isolation and being unfocused is no way to live. That is what our oppressor mind wants! Stay stupid and unconscious. Knowing is killing, not knowing is a blessing perhaps.

Stepping into the fire and putting ourselves emotionally and physically in challenging situations pushes us outside of our comfort zones of our pre-conceived thoughts. Aria did not have a choice. She was doomed to face the torrent of questions. Physical and emotional pain were handed down to her by the people who were supposed to love and protect her the most. They were not capable of meeting her mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Ceiling was there but with holes to let the sun and rain come in. Protection and shelter had lost their meanings. Void! Chaos!!

If our past scares us, it is time to clear out all that baggage that has clouded our joy for so long. Unloading the burdens of the bygone days is the only way to lighten and enlighten the journey ahead. Life goes on. It never stops.

Aria Boon is living in the Netherlands since 25 historical years. Do you know where the Netherlands is located? It is a small densely populated country located in west Europe. That is right in downtown Berlin next to the Walmart? Just kidding.

Lot’s of Love & Light,

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Four Candles for You
by Unknown

The first candle represents our grief.
The pain of losing you is intense.
It reminds us of the depth of our love for you.

This second candle represents our courage.
To confront our sorrow,
To comfort each other,
To change our lives.

This third candle we light in your memory.
For the times we laughed,
The times we cried,
The times we were angry with each other,
The silly things you did,
The caring and joy you gave us.

This fourth candle we light for our love.
We light this candle that your light will always shine.
As we enter this holiday season and share this night of remembrance
with our family and friends.

We cherish the special place in our hearts
that will always be reserved for you.
We thank you for the gift
your living brought to each of us.

We love you.
We remember you.


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This blog is dedicated to all the people who have transmuted their bodies and have returned to infinity where the ultimate harmony resides. Thank you so much for your service and what you have given to this world. I send my condolences plus love and light to all the people who are suffering at this time.

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My lovely earth dwellers, the sirens are broadcasting throughout the world. So it’s time to Wake up! For 5,000 years we have been sounding the same broadcast.
This is wakeup call number 4,000,000,000 because we are still a sleep and tranquilly thinking since 9-11 all is well here on mother earth. Really?

Ostrich! Pop your head out…

In the media I have heard the term “Soft targets” which is an abhorrent word used in an effort to stop the on the war against mass destruction. “Ignorance” I say is the biggest killer!

These Beautiful BEINGS were enjoying what they loved and were trying to recapture a sense of happiness on this Earth. There are millions of earth ANGELS just like them.

I know, it is so easy to focus on the all hatred and the negative emotion that is surrounding us all. But, as we have seen time and time again it’s only purpose is to divide and conquer the world.

So what are we going to do about it? Sing another song? March on Washington? Wail, yell that there is no GOD? ya…!!

I hear ya. I’ve been there when violence was perpetrated on me by my own people 35 years ago. Hmmm?


The answer fell out of the heavens! We must envoke our soul/spirit to rise and administer justice Not revenge or war!

Ok Steph! Now you is coo coo for cocoa puffs! Girlfriend has lost it! Houston we have a problem?
Laugh if you wanna but? How is your solution workin? Please take a moment and look at the picture next to mine. Do you know him? Have you ever seen him before?

His name was Dino Wawa jay and in 1965 he was one of the best Indonesian soccer players in the world. Born in Papua new Guinea he came to Holland to represent his national team. (long story but google it if you want more info!) But when Dino received information about the Indonesians performing genocide on the Papuan people(torturing/murdering) he left the team and never played again. He died in 1991 a hero.

He came to me one day out of the blue! He just showed up in my thoughts?

Nobody had to tell me about him, I can feel his presence. He was a gentle loving man that embodied the spirit of his ancestors. I know this may sound scary to most people, but I have never felt more peace and happiness since this connection.

Today, Papua new Guinea is still under siege and is not free. So? Dino lived some 20 years ago, so what does this have to do with the solution? Was his life lived in vain? NO!




This is his message:
Again go within! People may kill the body but never the spirit! Only if you give them permission. Your African American ancestors have Always had faith that one day PEACE would come even when torture and bombings were a daily occurrence. I can see the promise land in the distance but we got a whole lot of work to do. The bully is global now and killing indiscriminately.


All our ancestors are always aware and want to help if we let them. Soul-less people will continue to do soulless things, so we must massively focus our energies on soulful solutions.


He then goes on to say: “I was not able to solve world peace in his 50 years on this earth,” he jokes. That was never his job to do.
But through my example to survive and thrive his power to heal  still lives on. It’s a meta-physical solution.

To make his spirit more tangibile we will also need to do our own scientific inquiries about the substantia nigra(midbrain) and it’s role in our behavior. Important neuro-transmitters such as dopamine/serotonin together with the pineal gland may allow us more access to the wisdom of our ancestors.

Nobody can do this for us:(

But he warns, that Too much toxic exposure to our surroundings will have a much more sinister affect on us than any bomb. For example, Radiation, abuse, hatred and neglect can reap havoc on the brain which can produce ungodly behavior.

Wow..ok..! Let’s get to work an get our spirit on!

Thank you for your spiritual dynamism Dino. Like many other warriors in our world history have been trying to tell us it’s time to step our game up. So protect your neuro-melanin(look it up) and Pineal gland!:) then watch the world change for the better right in front of you.

Big Hugs,






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I’ve spent the last few years trying to figure out what went wrong with my body, mind and spirit. If you have been reading my previous Blogs, you can see that I  have strained to articulate my experience in spiritual terms. Subsequently, I have come to the conclusion that my pineal gland had awakened and I have Asperger Syndrome or better known as AS.

What this all means is that I started to feel more sensations throughout my whole body more than your average Joe. I had a sensory overload. No disrespect to people with the name Joe. My discovery has had a tremendous impact on every aspect of my health and wellbeing. I suffered for 2 years with life threatening symptoms. My adrenals were damaged so much that my normal energy and cheerful mood changed me. My self-confidence and the energy to learn, create and complete projects were almost destroyed. This is what my spiritual journey feels like through my body. The releasing of all the negative debris and realigning to source energy.



Below, I’ll give you a short description of the pineal gland and its function in combination with my Asperger. My life is changed forever .

The human pineal organ is a minute gland (approximately 150 mg) that projects from the diencephalon into the third ventricle. Being in that ventricle, the pineal gland is in direct contact with the cerebrospinal fluid [Welsh, et al., 1989]. The cerebrospinal fluid is considered by bioenergy workers to be the carrier of information and life energy that is received by the organism and is then distributed throughout the body [Still, 1902; Stone, 1987; Sutherland, 1990]. The pineal gland is located in the exact center of the brain.

The pineal gland was called the “third eye” by ancient people. It was thought to have mystical powers. This may be why the French philosopher Descartes decided that the pineal gland was the seat of the human soul, the location of what we call the mind. The pineal does contain a complete map of the visual field of the eyes, and it plays several significant roles in human functioning.

images (8)







When my pineal gland opened up, I felt physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain! I’ll say it again in more detail below:


I felt a High degree of stress, anxiety ––
New energy coming in and pushing old – patterns, beliefs, behaviors to the surface for release.–
Extreme exhaustion/fatigue–
Adrenal stress, blow-out or fatigue –Waking up at odd hours – or waking up at the same time on the clock each night –
Night sweats/hot flashes
– mock menopause, Feeling cold with inability to get warm Lack of ability to concentrate/lack of focus – Weight gain – abdominal area –– OR weight loss – – Digestive/digestive tract issues – constipation, loose stool, stomach upset/discomfort/pain, bloating and indigestion, inability to properly digest food – Tastes in food changed – –
Eating certain kinds of foods – particularly processed and foods with high amounts of sugar (even natural sugar), salt and fat – causes you to shake – inside and out – Intermittent muscle twitching – in limbs, fingers, etc.

– Heart pain and palpitations – feels like your heart is racing – acclimating to higher and more intense energies, opening and activating of heart chakra

– Difficulty breathing – difficult to take a deep breath or like you can’t catch your breath

– Sensitivity to my environment/surroundings/the energies in those surroundings and not to mention a sort of kundalini rush throughout my whole body as if my cells were boiling.


images (7)









Depression – clearing out negative lower vibrating energies

– Panic

– Confusion

– Lack of Clarity

– Fear, terror

– Weeping

– Apathy – feeling blah


Loss of identity – releasing of the ego self/facets and human form – connecting more to soul or higher self and God-source

– Lack of purpose

– Loss of motivation, drive, ambition

– Not knowing what I liked anymore – with respect to things, jobs, people, even my taste in food, style of clothing, etc.

– Loss of self

– Lots of losses or disappearance of – job, money, relationships, health, family members/friends, –– needing to clear out or clear away what no longer vibrates at the same frequency in order to move on or up to next level

– Feeling of loss of entire support structure






I just kept failing at things. It was as If I had no idea what the fuck was going on with me! It was so scary. Death became visible with every breath. There were so many things I was attempting to do that were beyond my ability. I can see that now very clearly looking back on those years. I decided to ask for help and get tested for Asperger. So what is it?


images (9)

Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a high functioning form of autism that has only been an official diagnosis since 1994. While every person who has the condition will experience different symptoms and severity of symptoms, some of the more common characteristics include:


•average or above-average intelligence

  • difficulties with high-level language skills such as verbal reasoning, problem solving, making inferences and predictions
  • difficulties in empathizing with others
  • problems with understanding another person’s point of view
  • difficulties engaging in social routines such as conversations and ‘small talk’
  • problems with controlling feelings such as anger, depression and anxiety
  • a preference for routines and schedules which can result in stress or anxiety if a routine is disrupted
  • specialized fields of interest or hobbies.

Here are some famous examples:







Understanding what was happening to my body, mind and spirit has made HUGE a transformation in my life. The best way to describe it is once you know your assets/limitations you can actually work within those parameters to accomplish things that build your confidence and keep unhappiness at bay.








How do I cope?

Since my diagnosis, I can now structure my life in a practical sense. I take into consideration pertinent factors such as the following for an example…


  1. I need lots of alone time. Decompression from all the stimulus in the world. Sport and prayer are still very important! I take care of my Melanine. Organic foods only! Drink lots of mineral water! I wear comfortable clothes that feel good on  my skin.
  2. I need to pre plan my schedule right down to the smallest detail and cover EVERYTHING from being out in public. Where the public toilets are? Where the police stations, hospitals to local doctors are just in case I need them.
  3. I can only do short trips of the equivalent of a long weekend.
  4. I need to keep active(walking, running) rather than visiting friends or family and spending days on end socializing.
  5. I have to travel in my car(preferably no public transport)very early in the day before peak hour or very late at night.
  6. I now live alone and am incredibly happy with it.
  7. I can’t handle conventional relationships.
  8. I get the most enjoyment and happiness from unconventional relationships and have decided to stick with this lifestyle for my sanity’s sake.
  9. I only go to family events IF I WANT TO.
  10. I no longer take responsibility for those around me and their inability to GET ME. I’ve informed people about my AS/Pineal deal and how it effects my life enough times. So I’ve moved on and just expect my wishes to be respected. It’s no longer up for debate. I am no longer stressing about it.
  11. I got rid of old friends and have established new ones. They are incredibly forgiving of my fuck ups.
  12. I realize that there are those who think I’m strange! Those who may not want to get involved. I respect that. There are people I avoid also. I can’t handle them either. So I’ve adopted a “live and let live” attitude! The only people who count are those who are around me who can appreciate Stephannie for who she is and what she offers to the world.





With this combination of As and the Pineal ordeal, look what I can doJ with my new found super powers:

– I have a Heightened awareness

– Intuition opens and deepens – more in touch with heart – can hear my truth, can read situations with increased perception, clarity and knowing, psychic abilities also open or enhance

– At a certain point – more willing to listen to self and trust self

– look younger – and feel younger

– Experience spontaneous healings – of both new and longstanding ailments

– Loss of fear of death/dying

– Releasing/Loss of ego – healing of past wounds

– Being unattached to outcomes or results

– Less focus on ego’s concerns – money, worries, “what ifs” – the deeper soul knowing takes over and trusts all is well –my higher voice tells me those concerns aren’t really important anyway as I have evolved beyond them in the New vibration

– More focused on what is REALLY important in life

– Start to follow path of Soul Purpose and calling

– Willing to take more risks regardless of external circumstances and fear

– Take on or seek a slower pace of life

– More internally focused and inspired than externally driven

– Move away from isolated individual and competitiveness to unity and collaboration with others

– Living in the Now moment and being Present based

– Now living fully from the Heart governed by Heart Wisdom, intuitive/energetic sensing and ‘BE’ingness

– Able to manifest immediately what is most desired and aligns with highest and best good and is in the interests of highest and best good of all

– Easing of these symptoms as I moved through this process and a renewed energy emerging

– More attunement, comfort with and trust of the Intuition and ‘gut’/Heart-based decision making and processing

– Prosperity, Abundance and Flow are effortlessly available if I can remain in the Now Moment and keep my vibration pure.



Thought I’d share all this just in case it’s of any use to others. You really have to have Asperger or a pineal ordeal to know what kind of living hell and blessing they can be. Lots of love to those of you who are awakening to the true you. I understand totally what you are going through.


WIN_20151021_101504 (2)









My pineal gland is now opening for business…Now take a deep breath and Please read In JOY!:)

The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or the “third eye”) is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain. It produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the center of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.

Every human being’s Pineal Gland or the Third Eye can be activated to spiritual world frequencies and enables you to have the sense of all knowing, godlike euphoria and oneness all around you. A pineal gland once tuned into to proper frequencies with help of meditation, yoga or various esoteric, occult methods, enables a person to travel into other dimensions, popularly known as astral travel or astral projection or remote viewing.

Douglas Eby: M.A./Psychology, is a writer, researcher and online publisher on the psychology of creative expression and personal growth.

Jenna Forrest: has been a committed student of higher consciousness since 2004. She published her memoir Help Is On Its Way to introduce the topic of high sensitivity to mainstream audiences. Today, she runs her own business as a writer and consultant. From her office in Durham, NC, Jenna represents companies, businesses and personal brands as they grow toward enterprising goals, keeping their image and communications credible, earnest, alive and relevant.

She also does interviews and writes articles to help people who want to empower and transcend their high sensitivity. To learn more about Jenna’s consulting services or to find links to her book, articles, and empowerment blog, visit

~ ~ ~ naamloos (5)


Douglas Eby: According to Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person, about 15 to 20 percent of people have this trait, which includes being highly aware of both the environment and inner experience. What are some of the main defining qualities of high sensitivity?

Jenna Forrest: People with high sensitivity are very intelligent, intuitive, perceptive, and creative. They’re very diligent about caring for others and wanting things to be at peace. Where the difficulty lies is that the world isn’t always at peace.

Challenges begin in childhood, when as toddlers and pre-schoolers they pick up subtle signals, thoughts, moods and other sensory energy from home, in the neighborhood, from TV or school, or from their playmates — and they don’t know what to do with it.

In a short time, the world’s problems become their own. Millions of highly sensitive people right at this moment are carrying a heavier burden than the rest of society just because they’re perceptive of the world’s discord, which is coming at them every day from a laundry list of sources.

This is where many sensitive kids and adults are right now, thinking that all these energies going on inside them are because something’s wrong with them.
WIN_20151018_094022 (2)

Douglas Eby: And you’re saying that is not really true.

Jenna Forrest: Highly sensitive people have a beautiful ability to turn these burdens into art, inventions, writing, acting and other expressions that speak to the hearts of humanity.

They also have powerful, healing intuition that when developed, can be used to nullify the suffering that’s been endured by themselves and others.

People who want to heal from unhappiness, disease, trauma and other unwanted circumstances, can progress fast if they work with another sensitive person – like a therapist or teacher — who has already transcended his or her sensitivity by turning it into empowered awareness.

That coaching relationship can help the sensitive person learn to release what isn’t his and protect his energy field. This is especially important when longstanding energies cause a person’s health to diminish into chronic pain or illness.

Douglas Eby: So you’re saying that coaching, particularly with a sensitive coach can really help sensitive people heal more completely?

Jenna Forrest: Absolutely. All sensitive and intuitive people… we all have the capacity to develop the ability to heal themselves and others with training and practice.

A common trap that sensitive people fall into is trying to help others without having healed themselves – giving energy away with no fullness or energy to draw from. This can be life-threatening. Interestingly, part of this is wrapped up in low self worth.

Sensitive people have to believe they’re worth saving, and worth loving. Affirming that they belong in the world and that their self care is of primary importance changes things drastically towards the positive.




Douglas Eby: Yes, it must. Well, many of us have had hurtful and dysfunctional family histories; how does being highly sensitive impact or determine our future personal growth?

Jenna Forrest: I know you’ve covered a lot of A New Earth, and Eckhart Tolle states that highly sensitive children are particularly affected by their parent’s pain and also by the collective pain of humanity.

If those children whose pain and whose parent’s pain are not healed through awareness and presence to transmute that pain, the adult child can live out his or her adulthood holding onto an unbearable accumulation of pain.

When this pain is no longer bearable, it can become an intense motivator for some type of breakthrough.

This is when the path of personal growth opens up, and where our consciousness is awakened.

Douglas Eby: So pain, instead of being something to run from, can actually motivate us to change?

Jenna Forrest: It’s something for us to use. Transcending what Tolle calls the “pain body” of high sensitivity means no longer building an identity around pain. This is a process that takes time – so it helps to approach developing a new identity as a free and peaceful individual with patience.

Month by month, year by year, as each layer of pain is observed, validated and cleared, the pain body loses its control over our emotions. This is transcendence of the pain that allows the individual to experience the truth and peace of his or her own being.

At this level of peace, high sensitivity is replaced by awareness. In other words, the awake, aware, creative being is fully expressed, no longer held back by the limitations of pain or resistance to life’s circumstances.

From this viewpoint, we begin to see that we can now choose how we think and feel about things. We can now choose happiness or sadness and how we view our lives and our world. When we say transcending sensitivity, it’s not denying it, it’s becoming a different definition.

It’s a matter of identifying ourselves with our pain body, versus identifying ourselves as a person of peace and fullness – which is us, standing in our awareness.



Douglas Eby: How do you counsel people who are conflicted about working or being with others, but also need to protect themselves, emotionally?

Jenna Forrest: One thing that really helps is for sensitive people to understanding that there’s an energetic field that each person, animal and object, carries. When working with other people feels overwhelming or dangerous, it’s because the other’s energetic fields are bombarding the body, causing the self to lose its definition as a separate identity.

Without an understanding of what’s happening, the sensitive person naturally becomes guarded, defensive, or controlling, ready to protect his or her self.

Eventually, this response might become isolating and exhausting, making the person unhappy.


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Douglas Eby: So how do you counsel people to overcome that?

Jenna Forrest: For people who feel vulnerable out in the world, whether or not they are highly sensitive, it can help to read books or getting coaching to learn how to define personal boundaries and develop an empowered energy field.

One technique can be done every morning when you wake up. Sit up in bed or in your chair at the start of the day. Ask Spirit to surround you with an impenetrable capsule of healing light.

Ask for help to release all darkness and negative emotions from the lid of that capsule before it’s sealed and imagine that the darkness released has been turned into light. Physically feel all of the residual darkness, doubts, fears, anger, and sadness go out of you.

You may not realize what was in there until you’ve cleared it.

Now, you’re mentally feeling empowered because you’ve taken charge of identifying and protecting your own energy field.

I just recently read something by Abraham-Hicks that said, “If you will give more attention to what is flowing through you toward something– instead of what’s flowing through someone else toward you, things will get better right away.”

In other words, as you go out into the workplace or in social situations, instead of fearing how you’ll be affected by other’s energies, you can imagine how your love, beauty, and inner peace will positively affect all the people you come in contact with.

There are many ways to turn fear into power. Replacing a need to protect the self with something that feels more strong, centered and confident is the key.

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Douglas Eby: That sounds like it can be a powerful shift.

Jenna Forrest: Yes, shift – that’s a good word. We’re replacing the need to protect ourselves, and can turn into that strong, centered and confident person, and that’s the key to this transcendence we’re talking about. It becomes feeling comfortable in the world, and being able to do the things we want to do, and are invited to do, and feeling good about it.

Douglas Eby: What would you say are a couple of the most helpful ways sensitive people, especially writers, actors and other artists, can encourage their own success and growth in life without losing the advantages of their sensitivity?

Jenna Forrest: If you were to list the advantages of sensitivity and write down the characteristics of awareness, you would see they’re both the same. So as we romance our own awareness daily (meaning watching our thoughts and feelings without analysis or judgment), it automatically attracts success and growth.

This is because we’re allowing the truth of the self to surface. There’s no more hiding, no more pretending, and no more attachment to false identities.

When writers, actors and other artists can watch the feelings that come up as they work and as they relate to people, their very presence with those feelings is bringing in success.

So here’s an exercise to try when a feeling comes up in the body as fear or another unwanted emotion. Say for example, your heart is aching with anxiousness because of tension in one of your significant relationships.

Pull up an imaginary chair and sit down beside that feeling or pain in the body just as you would sit beside a hurting friend. Just be there with it. Offer no judgment or analysis.

You’ll notice that the fear, tension and pain goes away very quickly, because it’s gotten through to you. It’s no longer being ignored. This is a clearing process that dissolves the size and power of emotional pain through acknowledgement.




Douglas Eby: That’s really interesting. It sounds like one of the techniques in Gestalt Therapy, in which you imagine a significant person sitting opposite you in an empty chair, and reacting to them – then switching to that chair and imagining their reactions to you. It can be powerful.

But the technique you mentioned – do you find that is helpful with a number of people you work with?

Jenna Forrest: Yes, and I have been using it myself. I find it forces me to be honest about how I’m feeling, and not judge myself.

Another thing that can help is to make an intention to find any help you need, and a technique will come up in something you read or listen to, or you’ll meet the right person with the right message.

One thing that works for many people in personal growth is the Paraliminal audio recordings, which are favored by a lot of people who want to quickly re-program their subconscious thought patterns.

I’ve been using them for a year or two now. I have used the titles Positive Relationships and Prosperity. There are so many more I’d love to. I would love to have the full library, and I intend to. So I’ll put that intention out there. (laughs)

I hear that Emotional Freedom Technique is used a lot. It combines affirmations, forgiveness and tapping of trigger points on the body to release old pain. All of these can be used separately or together to release layers of pain while building up strength and ability.

The important thing to remember is that even if you think you’re not making progress, you most likely are. But everyone’s got their own story, and their own technique.

Just keep trying. There’s a cumulative value of doing little things with intention over time. There’s nothing right or wrong in the journey. The fact that we’re trying means we’re growing.

I’ve had impatience with my process over the years, and what’s really helped me is the book “Transcending The Levels of Consciousness” by David Hawkins.

It has helped me gauge my progress. It’s really empowering to stand back and get perspective on our lives, and recognize where we are, and be okay with that.


I hope you liked this! Let me know..It sure helped me..Lots of love and light..

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“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”  -Buddha

So Lets get started! Education, the facts?






My father never understood why I moved to Holland. “I have returned to the belly of the beast,” he would say. Amnesia can take you anywhere. It just seemed like a natural progression after my Basketball career ended. Inquisitively, I thought I would explore my surroundings and learn more about Dutch history.

What my father meant to say was; that the Dutch played an important role in the slave trade. I never really read much about it in any history books let alone the civil rights movement.

Ignorance was bliss:)



The transatlantic slave trade, which spanned the 16th  through the 19th century, was the largest long-distance forced movement of people in history.  From the late fifteenth century, the Atlantic Ocean became a commercial highway that integrated the histories of Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

The majority of slaves transported to the New World were sold by Africans from central and western parts of Africa to European slave traders, who transported them to North and South America.  Before 1820, over 80 percent of the people arriving in the New World were enslaved Africans and it is estimated that in all  a total of 12 million enslaved Africans were transported. The Netherlands was one of the last countries to abolish slavery in 1863. Although the  decision was  made in 1848, it took many years for the law to be implemented.





I was shocked because I was taught  a totally different HIS-story in high school. Right at that moment I thought I am born 101 years later, no chains, ships or whips but a permeation so deep that remnants of destruction are found at the DNA level of THE HUMAN RACE.

This was the 1st thought that went through my head. From my perspective, you won’t find much evidence of the slave trade around Amsterdam, except for a few beautiful buildings and a 5 museums.

To me, It looks and feels like I’m living in America in the early 80’s. To be more specific Davenport, Iowa. Being surrounded by white liberalism where the topic of racism is quickly glazed over. You know only dealing with the conscious symptoms. “Zwarte Piet?” Zwarte scholen? (translation black pete,black schools) for example? Google it? imagesCRMIMZDR

It feels like walking into a crowded room and all of a sudden the people stop talking? Oh My God?  In Amsterdam the people of color were here when I arrived, but the assimilation process is different for every marginalized group.
The doors to society seem to open up differently for different racial groups. Something just didn’t feel right. But, asking the deeper questions is not required.

Wouldn’t you think someone would ponder which one of their ancestors decided to use the whip to rip open the flesh of human beings in search of the red white and blue?
400 years later who has the whip and who’s whipping who? I know this must be hard for some people to hear or even understand? But on my way to wholeness somethings must be said, read and but to bed.

One thing I’ll never get used too, is that some Dutch people still use the word negro. It’s like saying hello to a Human being that has a similar shade to the color black?



Did you know that word negro is Spanish for black? The Spanish language comes from Latin, which has its origins in Classical Greek. The word negro, in Greek, is derived from the root word necro, meaning dead. What was once referred to as a physical condition is now regarded as an appropriate state of mind for millions of Africans.

Historically when the Greeks first traveled to Africa 2,500 years ago, the Egyptian civilization was already ancient. The Great Pyramid was over 3,000 years old and the sphinx was even older. Writing, science, medicine and religion were already a part of the civilization and had reached their zenith. The Greeks came to Africa as students to sit at the feet of the masters, and to discover what Africans already knew. In any student / teacher relationship the teacher can only teach as much as the student is capable of understanding. Egyptians, like other Africans, understood that life existed beyond the grave.

Ancestral worship is a way of acknowledging the lives of the people who have come before you, and their ability to offer guidance and direction to the living. Temples were designed as places where the ancestors could be honored and holidays (Holy Days) where the ancestors could be honored, and holidays (Holy Days) were the days designated to do so. The Egyptians had hundreds of temples and hundreds of Holy Days to worship their ancestors.





The Greeks thought the Africans had a preoccupation with death. The act of ancestral worship became known as necromancy or communication with the dead. The root word necro means dead. Another word for necromancy is magic – that Old Black Magic which was practiced in Ancient Africa.

When the Greeks returned to Europe, they took their distorted beliefs with them and the word negro evolved out of this great misunderstanding. Less than 300 years after the first Greeks came to Egypt as students, their descendants returned as conquerors.

They destroyed the cities, temples and libraries of the Egyptians and claimed African knowledge as their own. Not only was the African legacy stolen, but also the wholesale theft of African people soon followed. With the birth of the slave trade, it became necessary to dehumanize Africans and devalue their historical worth as a people in order to ensure their value as slaves.

So there you have it, the negro – a race of dead people with a dead history and no hope for resurrection as long as they remained ignorant of their past!!
This was a triple death – the death of the mind, body, and spirit of the African people. So what does this all have to do with me and you? Well let me explain.

Man with conceptual spiritual body art

The wakeup call!



The impetus began its momentum in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, attracting a lot of international travelers. Amsterdam is known as Venice of the North because of its lovely canals that crisscross the city, its impressive architecture and bridges. There is something for everyone’s taste here; whether you prefer culture and history, serious partying, or just the relaxing charm in an old European city. I lived and worked here for many years.

Why now?

Something was changing within me. I never felt discrimination, colorism or institutionalized racism until I started working in the city. I remember my father talking about affirmative action because of all these barriers he faced. But that did not apply to me and it wasn’t true until it happens to you. This change wants me to drudge up all this historical debris, pain and heartache.

Now that I see it, I can heal it!

I can’t just stop there. I will put my own personal past under the microscope. These truths have become an abusive energy with planetary ramifications. These occurrences have locked themselves into every cell in my body. It cannot hold it any longer!

The Amorphous revolution is set in motion to free us. So what does Amorphous mean? One of its definitions means lacking a definite form or clear shape. Formless, unsolidified, shapeless soul space?

This form has separated itself van de formless where all creation is in balance. This shape has become a solid void which is extremely empty and lonely. This is where the souls of humanity reside because of its belief in the MIND! which has more power than its amorphous soul. That is an illusion. The disintegration has commenced.

Are you hearing me now!

There is something brewing! Moving! Integrating. Why would something so beautiful want to develop or take on such a critical shape? What a great question! History wants to repeat itself. Here’s how I want to address this question.
Back in 1987 my Amorphous jewel remained quiescent. I was Innocent, adventurous and ready to heed the hero’s call. What I didn’t realize is that I was unconscious and restricted by my so-called black community, family and institutions. I went out in the world trying to become the most famous women’s basketball player. I was getting ready to cross a threshold into a world of trials.

What am I? who am I? who is telling me what? Oh, I have heard these questions before but this time the cry won’t quiet itself. Was it my soul awaking to its purpose and I am finally seeing the truth?

Through the pain heartache and disillusionment the revolution has begun! Something is missing in my heart tonight has made my eyes so soft and my voice so tender my need for the Amorphous is absolutely clear. I am on a quest leaving HIS-STORY behind!!!!

So Who Were really the First Americans?
Stefan Lovgren
for National Geographic News

September 3, 2003

A study of skulls excavated from the tip of Baja California in Mexico suggests that the first Americans may not have been the ancestors of today’s Amerindians, but another people who came from Southeast Asia and the southern Pacific area.

Love and light!
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